Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my hotel or listing now showing up in the map?

You'll have to contact us if you own a hotel. If you have a house or an apartment, list it on HomeAway for free using this link. We work very closely with them and as soon as your rental is published, it should go live on Stay22 as well.

Where do you get your inventory from?

HotelsCombined and HomeAway at the moment. HotelsCombined gives us access not just hotels but hostels, apartments and much more. Sometimes, some events decide to display their own partner hotels, so you might see those too.

How do I generate a widget?

Assuming the event or location is in our database, you have to first type it on our homepage search bar. Once you have landed on the map page, click on the share icon on the bottom right, and then on "Embed this widget on my site" button.

How do I submit my event to your database and appear it on your search?

Using our add your event page, your event will be saved and a page with along with its widget will be generated on Stay22.

Do I get payed for bookings sent through my widget?

Yes and no. We strongly believe that our product will help your users and actually save you time and money from unnecessary back and forth. If you believe you will be sending a lot of traffic all year long, then don't hesitate to reach us out for a deal.